Artist Statement

I seek to capture fleeting moments that are shared among humanity and instantiated in nature.

Starting most days walking in the forest, I observe how water moves, trees cycle through seasons, skies open up, and I am drawn into a conversation of impermanence, grace and interconnection.  The subtle beauty revealed in nature reflects our human experience, both unique and universal. These reflections, too often unnoticed and passed by, are what I am most interested in capturing.

In the studio, I approach my work through series, a way to investigate themes that emerge and build on each other.  Working this way allows time to sit with an idea or feeling and explore its nuances and potential. Materially, I begin in acrylic paint, sometimes pencil, whereby allowing play and process to take the lead.  I eventually transition into oil paint which culminates in multiple glazes of colour, line and pattern to reveal the finished work. My painting style moves between abstraction and figurative representation.  I want to appeal to the viewers sense of knowing and familiarity on a visceral level.