Artist Statement

My work focuses on the ways in which a feeling expresses itself in the body, and how that same expression can be paralleled in nature. The embodiment of joy or loss mirrors itself through natures cycles and seasons and is reminiscent of a deeper connection to something bigger than self.  I’m specifically interested in the themes of ephemerality, impermanence, abundance and nuance.  Similar to how a poet employs metaphor and allusion, my goal is that each painting inhabits a space between representation and abstraction.

Compositions are created through an accumulation of layers, interweaving transparency and opacity, and following an intuitive process that plays on the relationship between shape, colour, light and shadow.  My hope is that the resulting work still carries evidence of the initial immediacy and energy of the first layers of paint. Inspiration for the work comes from a daily ritual of walking in the trees and near water, observing the ordinary beauty I encounter.